Laughing All Over The World

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”

Lau Tzu

When it comes to my solo-travels, I am going to abide by Mr. Tzu’s wisdom. However, I will be meeting up with friends all over the world so I have to have some sort of itinerary.

As I write this I am leaving tomorrow and all I have booked is my flight to Auckland, New Zealand, my Airbnb in Auckland and my rental car. This seemingly lackadaisical approach to booking my trip would usually make me a little nervous, but apparently April is a great month to travel spontaneously through New Zealand because it is not as busy as their Summer months.

I will be landing in Auckland, New Zealand on April 2nd where I will being a one month solo road trip through the country’s North and South Island. The below maps outline what I think I’m going to do, but there’s a good chance I make some changes once I hear some local recommendations in Auckland.

After I take the ferry from Wellington I will kick off the South Island with some wine-tasting in Picton and then make my way through some of the South’s hotspots before flying out of Queenstown.

Below is a map of countries that I visited before 2019. I feel like I’ve done quite a bit of traveling, but clearly there is so much more ground to cover.

Below is a rough draft of the countries I am planning on visiting over the course of the next four months.

April – August 2019

After New Zealand (which I’ve heard I will never want to leave) I will fly to Australia and meet my girlfriend, Maryscott, in Melbourne. We will be renting a camper van and camping along the Southeast coast for about three weeks. P.S. Maryscott has one of the best laughs you will ever hear, so make sure to follow our Instagram stories for some contagious laughs.

After Australia, we will fly to Bali, Indonesia where we will meet up with her boyfriend and his friend. I will likely travel through Indo with them for about 2 weeks. Once I leave I will start solo-traveling again and make my way to Vietnam, Singapore and then over to Europe by mid-June.

I will be meeting my wild little sister in Paris, France towards the end of June where we will start traveling via train through France, Italy and Switzerland. She will travel with me until my birthday (7/7). After she departs, I will continue on on my own to countries like Greece, Morocco and Croatia. I will likely pop in/out of Amsterdam (my soul city) a time, or two as well.

I spent 10 days in Amsterdam last Summer and then a week leading up to this last New Years Eve and I never get sick of it. Side note: I highly recommend New Years Eve in Amsterdam. Most fireworks are usually not allowed in the Netherlands, but on New Year’s Eve, the ban is lifted. Lighting fireworks is allowed on December 31, between the hours of 6pm and 2am, and the city morphs into a never-ending magical firecracker.

Right now I only have the first three to four months semi-planned, but I will be updating and adding to this page as I go 🙂

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